Want Good Food on the Go?

Want Good Food on the Go?

Call ahead and pick up your food fast

You love watching football games from your couch. We get it. If you want to chow down on a burger and fries, order take-out from Danny's Dugout during halftime. In 15 minutes, we can have your order ready at the restaurant. Call 320-252-0451 right away to place your order.

Do something different for lunch

Tired of eating lunch at your desk? Forgot your lunch at home? Step out of the office to grab take-out from Danny's Dugout. That way, you can:

  • Avoid waiting in line by calling ahead
  • Escape your cubicle, even if it's just for a few minutes
  • Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on your walk or drive here
  • Chow down on your favorite burger or sandwich
  • Catch up with friends before heading back to work

Eager to enjoy your lunch break? Contact Danny's Dugout to order your favorite pub fare.